Whether it’s in the fridge or not-that’s the problem-but the answer may be surprising to chocolate lovers among us.

For World Chocolate Day (July 7th), Deliveroo Ireland conducted a survey to find out why retailers could quickly rethink where to stock chocolate in their stores …

Deliveroo Ireland asked 1,000 Irish people about their chocolate tastes. Surprisingly, research shows that eight-tenths (82%) of chocolate is stored in the refrigerator, and milk chocolate (28%) is colder than white (18). Percent) and dark (18 percent).

It was also found that women are more likely to store chocolate in the refrigerator than men (86% vs. 79%).

Studies show that 41% chose to refrigerate chocolate, so it doesn’t melt. Others say that chilling improves the taste of chocolate, and 21% prefer the texture of chocolate when it’s cold, so chill it.

Controversial topics have been covered many times by chocolatiers around the world. Experts suggest that chocolate should always be stored at temperatures below 21 ° C in a slightly cool, dry and dark place such as a cupboard or pantry. There is no compromise.

However, Deliveroo’s research suggests that the demand for chilled chocolate is nationwide, so Irish people are not afraid of expert advice.

Aisha Jefferson of Deliveroo said: 𝐎𝐔𝐓 Of the refrigerator. The fridge came out at the top, which sparked a passionate debate that we had to solve it only once.

“Whether right or wrong, according to our research, Ireland is officially a country that eats refrigerated chocolate. Perhaps this is all after years of chocolate being placed in the surrounding corridors. Will enter the refrigerator section of the retailer. “

According to the data, locals in Leinster love refrigerated chocolates the most, with 83.6% prefer refrigerator chocolates to the outside, followed by Münster (82%) and Connacht (79%). Ulster was ranked last, with 78% prefer refrigerated chocolate.

Top 5 Irish counties that store chocolates in the refrigerator:

1. Longford (100%)

2. Carlow (91.7%)

3. Sligo (91%)

4. Kildare (90%)

5. Offaly (90%)

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