Deloitte Bermuda brings three new partner promotions to the team, including Andy DeGregorio, Eric Wehrwein and Ed Willmott.

A spokesperson said: Andy DeGregorio, Partner, Tax & Legal, Eric Wehrwein, Partner, Audit & Advisory, Ed Willmott, Partner, Financial His Advisory.

“Andy joined Deloitte Bermuda’s tax department after working in the US. He has extensive US tax experience working with global and domestic clients in the US.”

DeGregorio said: Since he joined the firm, our tax practice has grown exponentially. I continue to develop my talent and provide valuable client service in areas such as U.S. tax reporting for Bermuda-based entities, tax department co-sourcing, FATCA/CRS advisory, OECD global minimum tax, and substance requirements for the Bermuda economy. We will provide ”

“After graduating from Michigan State University, Eric has worked in Deloitte’s US, UK and Bermuda offices for over 15 years,” a spokesperson said.

Wehrwein said: Since then, working and living in Bermuda has enabled him to advance his career, so he is delighted with the decision and honored to be a partner on our audit and advisory team. ”

A spokesperson said, “Ed joined Deloitte Bermuda in 2017 and has over 13 years of experience in various UK-based companies, including trust, audit and tax, specializing in insolvency, restructuring and restructuring since 2009. I have experience in financial services.”

Mr Wilmot said: “We are delighted and honored to be promoted to partner. We will continue to focus on building our financial advisory practice here in Bermuda, including facilitating careers in bankruptcy and restructuring for Bermudians.”

John Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda, said:

“Their promotions reflect their excellence in serving clients, developing our employees and living our shared values, and we are thrilled to welcome them to our management team. ”

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