Demand for outpatient health services at local health centers has nearly doubled over the past decade, health officials said today.

With information provided today after the opening of the new Seac Pai Van Health Center, the Department of Health has further increased the number of outpatient clinics from more than 490,000 in 2011 as the community develops and Macau’s population grows. I showed that. In 2021, there were more than 860,000 consultations, an increase of more than 73% in 10 years.

The Areia Preta Health Center is said to have registered the most outpatient visits in 2021, with over 170,000 visits.

In recent years, the Nossa Senhora do Carmo-Lago, Ilha Verde, Praia do Manduco and Seac Pai Van Health Centers have been opened, and Macau now has nine health centers and two health stations spread across the Macau Peninsula and the islands.

The number of health centers is said to enable an average of one health center every three square kilometers, with 170 doctors and 260 nurses distributed across these nine community health centers.

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