[Updated] Following reports in foreign media claiming that passengers on diverted flights were “not allowed to leave the airport due to Bermuda’s Covid-19 requirements,” local officials said, “Covid-19 regulations are “We never stopped American from taking steps for the better.” Accommodates today’s passengers. ”

The government said airlines must arrange hotel rooms for passengers in such circumstances. The government notes that “American Airlines flight attendants have noted that the airline provided them with accommodation at a local hotel.”

Foreign media coverage

British media have revealed that passengers on a bank holiday flight from Miami to London spent 20 hours on the floor of a Bermuda airport with a possible mechanical problem. People who have struggled to rest in the most stressful situations say they were ‘abandoned in the middle of the Atlantic’.

“Since the incident, American Airlines has apologized for the course change on flight AA38. About three hours after it took off from Miami International Airport on Monday[Aug’andwasinsteadforcedtolandonBritishislandterritoryintheNorthAtlantic

“Because of Bermuda’s Covid-19 requirements, passengers weren’t allowed to leave the airport, and it took nearly 10 hours before someone brought them food, they said. There were only eight toilets and no showers. ”

Bermuda government response

A government spokesperson said: “Regarding an American Airlines flight that was diverted to Bermuda early this morning, the Department of Health can advise as follows.

“In this case, the decision to arrange accommodation is not made by the Ministry of Health. Even if I did, I never communicated my desire to land passengers to be transferred to the hotel.

“The Department of Health’s port health team was prepared to conduct supervised antigen testing on all passengers, as they had done on previous diverted passengers. I didn’t make a decision.

“The Department of Health’s compliance team stood by in case a decision was made to allow passengers to leave the building and stretch their legs in designated areas. Again, no decision was made. American Airlines crew members note that accommodations were provided by the airline in local hotels.

“Bermuda’s Covid-19 regulations have in no way prevented American Airlines from taking steps to better accommodate today’s passengers,” the ministry added.

american airlines

American Airlines said in a statement: We never want to disrupt your travel plans. We apologize for any problems caused by this. ”

Our online flight tracker says our flight is scheduled to depart tonight.

Update | Skyport Statement

A Skyport spokesperson said: “At 12:40 this morning, American Airlines Flight 38 from Miami, Florida to London Heathrow arrived at LF Wade International Airport with 317 people on board due to mechanical problems.

“The aircraft, a Boeing 777-300, landed safely without incident. All passengers and crew disembarked the aircraft at 1:10 a.m. and were accommodated in the international departure lounge of the new terminal. American. That’s because aviation officials reported they were unable to find enough available hotel rooms to accommodate everyone from the flight.

“The airline has made refreshments available to passengers before offering in-flight meal options by midnight. All VIP lounges were open and available to passengers during the day.

“American Airlines will send a relief flight to pick up the passengers. The flight is scheduled to depart tonight for London Heathrow around 8pm.”

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