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The Hong Kong Academy (HKA)’s unique programs, outstanding faculty, and environmentally friendly facilities all contribute to the school’s rigorous, student-centered education. From early childhood through graduation, HKA students develop the academic, collaborative, and critical thinking skills they need for current and future success. Integrating skills in STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) helps students understand the connections between subject areas and thrive in a wide range of fields. At HKA, STEAM is not only integrated into the curriculum, but delivered through co-curricular programs. In elementary school, professional and homeroom teachers integrate STEAM into each unit of inquiry to encourage students to connect and apply inquiry and problem-solving skills across subject areas. As they progress through secondary school, students further develop their fact-gathering, problem-defining, opportunity-sensing, risk-analyzing, and solution-creating skills through individual and collaborative student-led projects. The award-winning school campus offers hands-on digital creative experiences with fully equipped laboratories, design technology workshops, and visual arts studios. Students are encouraged to take responsible ecological and conservation-driven actions by the school’s many cutting-edge features. Mandarin and World Language Programs Expressing yourself in multiple languages ​​is a fundamental element of an IB education and an advantage in a hyper-connected world. English is the language of instruction throughout the school, using each child’s unique language profile to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. HKA’s Chinese curriculum provides language instruction for students of all proficiency levels. At Pre-Kindergarten, each teacher’s co-teacher is a fully qualified Mandarin-speaking educator… Source link

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