The 2022 Bermuda Fit Dinghy Racing Season was followed by three races in Mangrove Bay.

Contest II of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club won the ER Williams Cup, Challenger II of the Sandy Boat Club won the line’s honor in the second race of the Middleton Shield Race, and Contest II won the second. Won the Masters Cup.

ER Williams Cup

  • 1 Contest III
  • 2-Elizabeth II
  • Challenger II – Sinking
  • Victory IV – Sinking

Middleton shield

  • 1 Challenger II
  • 2 Contest III
  • 3 Elizabeth II
  • 4 Victory IV

Masters Cup

  • 1 Contest III
  • 2 Victory IV
  • Challenger II – Did not finish [mast broke]
  • Elizabeth II – Did Not Start
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