Diogo Dalot enjoys the new dynamics brought by meticulous Erik Ten Hag as Manchester United players seek improvement rather than redemption after a difficult season. ..

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Raphaƫl Varane last summer strengthened optimism around Old Trafford after finishing second in both the Premier League and the Europa League.

However, things quickly came to light as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer left and his interim successor Ralf Rangnick finished sixth with a record low in the Premier League.

Tenhug moved away from Ajax to oversee the reconstruction and immediately marked the side. Australia is currently preparing for the pre-season in Melbourne.

“It’s very demanding and we pay a lot of attention to the details. This is excellent and the details can make a difference in the long run.

“I think we players are adapting to that. Obviously we want to keep going.

“We know this will be a long season. It will be a different season than almost every season in the last few years, so we want to make something.

“We want to team up with players and staff, make something very good between us, work on the pitch and win the game.”

Ten Hag works primarily with players in the same group who struggled last season when performance was as jarring as the result.

Dalot seems to have partitioned that disappointment as attention was focused on kicking the first trophy since 2017 and United’s support.

“This reflects what we shouldn’t have learned and brought it this season as a lesson for improvement,” said Portugal International.


Manchester United fell home in 6th place last season (Stephen Paston / PA)

“But obviously we have a lot of new things. We also have new staff, new managers, new energies. This is good for us and we want to keep going.

“We want to see this season not by redeeming ourselves from last season, but by starting a new season from scratch.

“Then, as I said, I wish we could finish our main goal of the season, the celebration, but we think there are many steps in the beginning and many improvements. increase.”

The start of United’s pre-season tour had promising early signs, kicking off with an eye-catching 4-0 friendly against Liverpool in Bangkok.

“He likes aggressive fullbacks,” Dalot said of Tenhug. “He likes proactive fullback, so it’s not like you feel the game when the ball is on the other side, you have to think a little ahead of what the game wants.

“We need to put a wing in front of you and a midfielder beside you so that everyone can work together.

“He’s always looking for help between us, but one of the good things about it is that you can swap positions on the pitch and sometimes you need to, so what to do in each position. Is always necessary to know. To know how to do it. “

Dalot is embracing Tenhug’s push to make his team “physically” and “thinking” better than his opponents as he begins his fifth season as a United player.

Last season, the 23-year-old who took out a loan with AC Milan, has played the most in the Premier League in the campaign so far, and seems to have an advantage over his right-back rival Aaron Wan Bisaka.

“I always like to see each season,” Dalot added. “I’m not thinking too much ahead.

“But if you look at the past and see where I am in this club now, I think it’s been a progressive four years. That’s what I generally like in football.


Diogo Dalot is vying for the starting point for Aaron Wan Bisaka and United (Gareth Fuller / PA) right back

“I think it was gradual because I don’t want to go up and down too gradual, even at 1%.

“It was a very good trip to learn. Of course I want to take it a little further now.

“Every season, I’m always trying to improve in some ways that I think should be improved. This season, with the help of my teammates, I think we have everything to improve our new manager. ..

“I also want to help them improve and hopefully give this club a trophy, as you said.

“That’s the purpose of this club and I hope we can celebrate what it deserves to be a fan at the end of the season.”

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