According to Wee, doctors at Singapore General Hospital recommended removing Kou’s thyroid gland as a treatment for her cancer, and she sought “alternative treatment” rather than “invasive surgical removal.” ..

He added that Kor’s Baylor, her husband, Raymond Ng, would not travel with her.

Deputy prosecutor Jean Keyue claimed that the documents submitted for Kou’s application were “missing.”

He said the prosecution provided information on the nature of the treatment Kou received, the need to travel to Malaysia, including whether alternative treatments in Singapore were considered, and the need to travel to one month and two places. He said he asked.

Mr. Jiang said a document provided by Kor’s lawyer suggests that Kuala Lumpur’s third location, the Spectrum of Life, will also be part of her travel plans.

He said there was no explanation for the connection between these three institutions: Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur.

“We want to emphasize that we are not interfering with Ko’s desire for an alternative treatment of her choice. We need some answers and some explanations,” he said. Said.

Kou noted that he filed the application on June 13, and asked, “Why wasn’t this started early so that we could provide information for proper evaluation by the authorities?”

In response, her lawyer claimed that the prosecution produced no evidence that his client was at risk of flight.

Mr. Wee also said that Kor was “ravaged” after the diagnosis, consulted with various doctors and applied “as soon as possible”.

Judge Ng said, based on his previous information, Kor’s condition “does not seem to be life-threatening at this time.”

“It looks like it needs explanation,” he said, postponing the hearing of the defense’s application to provide details.

The Healing the Divide group describes COVID-19 vaccination as “medical compulsion”, and MOH has adopted a “anti-vaccination stance” for the group and shared misleading information about COVID-19 and its vaccines. Has a history of vaccination. “

If convicted of voluntarily interfering with a civil servant’s performance of public affairs, Kou could be sentenced to up to three months’ imprisonment, a fine of up to S $ 2,500, or both.

If she is convicted of a criminal plot to make a false statement, she may be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, a fine, or both.

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