Locals wonder: Does the Ardennes Hotel need a heliport?


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Château d’Or Spelled is far from a 7-star luxury resort, just an hour’s drive from the airport.

Château d’Or Spelled is far from a 7-star luxury resort, just an hour’s drive from the airport.

Château d’Or Spelled in northern Luxembourg

Photo provider: Guy Jallay

By David Thinnes and Helded Pritchard

A Luxembourg hotel in a historic castle plans to build a heliport to shuttle guests, causing protests from locals that planes may disturb the tranquility of the surrounding natural parks. I am.

The Château d’Orspel It may be located in a dense forest hill in the northern part of the Grand Duchy, but it is easily accessible by car from Luxembourg Airport in an hour. And while it offers a spa, it is far from a 7-star luxury resort that offers such a private landing abroad.

“The hotel has a lot of customers, and they come to Jurspert because of the scenery and tranquility,” said Emile Eicher, the nearby mayor of Clairvaux, who mediates the brewing dispute between the hotel and the locals. Said.

Still, Heliport is the dream hotel owner, Freddie Rodmes has owned the hotel for 10 years, and he has already obtained pre-approval.

“It’s only about sporadic flights,” said hotel manager Yannick Ruth. “We will not fly customers to Yurspert to eat burgers here.” The hotel is allowed up to 104 flights a year, but not touring.

Heliport plan

Heliport plan

Screenshot: Umweltministerium

Locals are now suing the administrative court, saying the hotel was not transparent. Ruth accuses the permit from being placed in a visible place from the beginning.

Heliports will reduce isolation in the area, for example in the case of emergency medical care, Ruth said. However, Fernando Koch, who represents the 166 people in the town of Jurspert, does not accept the argument, claiming that the country’s air rescue helicopters can land anywhere.

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