Lose weight, frightened dog thrown out of lorry in UK finds new home and now ‘constantly wagging its tail’.

RSPCA veterinarians were ‘surprised’ that Freya, renamed Bella by her new family, was not seriously injured after being thrown from a car traveling 50mph in Yalding, Kent, on Jan. 28. said.

Inspector Kirsten Ormerod said: “Freya was incredibly lucky to have survived after being thrown from a vehicle traveling at such high speed that the veterinarian believed she may have suffered internal bleeding. I was so worried that I had to have surgery right away.

The RSPCA has launched an investigation into the still unsolved case.

Bella when discovered by RSPCA (RSPCA/PA)

Frightened, underweight, and with a dirty, matted coat covered in fleas, the dog got along well with owner Gil, her husband Ray, and their daughter, who didn’t want to give her last name, and lived in Maidstone, Kent. is.

Gil, who met Bella on the RSPCA ‘find a pet’ website, said:

“She may be a little naughty and work a lot, but we love her for who she is.”

Vera with her new owner (RSPCA/PA)

“I fell in love with her immediately,” she added, adding that the timing was perfect because she had been thinking about getting another dog after her Jack Russell Terrier died in April.

Animal welfare charities have launched a summer call to “undo cruelty” to animals, asking people to donate.

The RSPCA added that with 90,000 calls to its animal cruelty line each month and 6,000 reports of intentional animal cruelty investigated, its work has become even more essential.

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