Following the recent seizure of 17 dogs from an illegal puppy farm by local authorities, Dogs Trust Ireland has issued a stern warning to the public against buying ‘flat-faced’ breeds. .

French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are just a few of the “brachycephalic” breeds that have become popular in recent years.

French Bulldogs are susceptible to multiple veterinary conditions because they are bred to produce the desirable appearance of having relatively wide or short skulls that can cause severe breathing difficulties. increase.

The charity was asked to help adopt the dog following its discovery, and a veterinary examination revealed that one of the dogs needed surgery to widen its nostrils so it could breathe more comfortably. Did.

Another dog called Prudi was overbred. Scar tissue provided evidence that she had a Caesarean section, another risk associated with breeding French Bulldogs.

French bulldog and her litter, one of 17 puppy farm victims adopted by Dogs Trust Ireland.Photo: Fran Veal

Niamh Curran-Kelly, Veterinary and Welfare Manager, Dogs Trust Ireland, said: deliver them.

“In addition, these breeds often suffer from a condition called Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome, or BOAS, as it is more commonly known. The result is a poor quality of life for the dog and high veterinary costs for the owner.

“We understand that people who purchase these breeds may be completely unaware of the potential suffering. So for anyone considering a flat-faced dog, we recommend finding a local Please consult a veterinarian.”

The charity had to cover the cost of neutering 12 of the 17 dogs in addition to reconstructing one dog’s nostrils. All the dogs needed worms, vaccinations and microchips as well as being fed and cared for while the charity found them loving homes.

The Dogs Trust is seeking financial support to continue the rescue and rehoming of Ireland’s most vulnerable dogs. People can donate by visiting the website

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