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Every morning around 9:30, I inevitably witness an epic journey taken by an older man. This elderly man has leg problems and is having trouble crossing certain roads near his HDB block of mine. The whole process takes at least 15 minutes for each step of anguish. I don’t know why he has to go to his destination this morning.

I used to bring my wife with me. Often he wanders alone. Luckily, the road he crosses happens to have little traffic. Imagine having to use a viaduct with heavy traffic and no elevator.

Yes, it’s a viaduct. In the early days, it seemed like a great solution for keeping vehicular traffic flowing. A single viaduct reduces the need for numerous crosswalks and traffic lights. Plus, climbing these bridges is good exercise. win win. Ultimately, about 600 of these bridges were built across the island.

These bridges would still be useful if elevators were built at both ends for elderly pedestrians. A place that still doesn’t have an elevator can be a nightmare for the elderly and people with disabilities.

I’m not sure about the Department of Land Transport’s policy on these viaducts. It sounds like you have a decision-making and commitment problem.

The LTA is reportedly considering installing lifts on 250 bridges, with a further 250 already having lifts installed as in the last year, and a further 30 bridges to be upgraded over the next three years. increase. The Straits Times Due to constraints and costs (especially maintenance), it said it was unlikely that all 250 vehicles “under investigation” would be equipped with lifts.

LTA needs to look into this issue more closely. All angles need to be explored: improved traffic flow, needs and rights of an aging society, convenience for mothers with strollers, time savings and potential loss of life. His MP at Toa Payoh-Bishan GRC, Mr. Saktiandi Supaat, was right. He said the lift installation helps with connectivity..the benefits definitely outweigh the inconveniences.

Sometimes the urgency is perfectly clear. McPherson MP Ting Pei Ling supposedly had no trouble convincing the LTA that the overhead bridge just outside the polyclinic along Aljunied Avenue 1 needed an elevator. Geylang East Library near me.

Sometimes a fictitious bridge may have lost its usefulness. For many years, the viaduct over Mountbatten Road between Roxy Square and the shophouses across the street was a great pedestrian convenience. But when it was decided to build a pedestrian crossing to connect the Katong V shopping center with the shophouses on the other side, the liftless overhead bridge eventually turned into a white elephant.

Ultimately, therefore, many overhead bridges will mar our landscape as ugly white elephants, simply because many people are reluctant to use them. Waste is a greater sin than necessary actions and costs.

Lawrence Wong: Guitarist, singer, scooter, biker, what next? Bungee jumper?

Suddenly you see Lawrence Wong on a motorcycle. His DPM and Finance Minister who holds a Class 2, 2A, and he holds a 2B license started riding when he was a student in the United States and previously used a Suzuki to move around Madison, Wisconsin Street said he owned a motorcycle.

“I had a scooter for a while when I got home and started working,” he said.

“But it’s been over 20 years since I last rode a bike. This time around, I’m glad I got the chance to join Riders Aid Singapore and support a good cause.”
The ride was for a children’s charity for cancer.

Guitarist, singer, scooter, biker, what next? bungee jumper?

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