Janus, the two-headed Greek turtle named after the Roman god, is brushed with a toothbrush ahead of his 25th birthday at the Natural History Museum in Geneva on September 2, 2022. REUTERS/Pierre Albouy

GENEVA: Angelica Bourgoin prepares to celebrate her 25th birthday, crouching in her pen, whispering softly as she strokes the shell of Janus the Turtle.

With two hearts, two lungs, and two distinct personalities, Janus did not survive long in the wild because it could not retract its head into its shell to protect itself from predators.

But at the Geneva Museum of Natural History, where he hatched in 1997, Burgoan and his team of keepers believe Burgoan is the world’s oldest two-headed turtle, and his every need can be catered for. increase.

They feed him organic salads and give him daily massages and baths with green tea and chamomile. .

“I think he’s still here today because of our attention and our dedication.

Janus, the Greek turtle named after the two-headed Roman god of beginnings and transitions, is also looking forward to this weekend with a special party.
But it’s not all smooth sailing.

He is constantly being watched in case he flips over, which could be fatal, and survived a 2020 bladder stone operation. His head needs to be treated with petroleum jelly regularly so that it doesn’t hurt when his head is rubbed.

His two personalities create different moods and preferences that sometimes lead to conflict, such as which direction to walk.

“The right head is more curious, more awake and has a stronger personality. The left head is more passive and loves to eat.”

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