In recent years, there have been few winners of former champion trainer Alwin Tan.

However, the recent surge in form seems to have gained more traction on Saturday with a double.

By the first quarter of the season, three winners were far from the 2016 Halcyon era when he won the title of the only Singapore Champion Trainer.

It doesn’t help that star tenants like Infantry, El Padrino, and Speedy Cat haven’t filled his box these days.

To make matters worse, half of the box is empty.

But in a week, Tan doubled his score all at once.

If anyone thought the Revolution victory last week was a moment, it was a good name just a week later.

Indeed, Tan failed it again with a spectacular victory for the “extreme” $ ​​283 outsider Super Extreme at the $ 20,000 Open Maiden over 1,200m with veteran Malaysian jockey Saifuddin Ismail. It may have been.

However, Atlantis ($ 52) bounced off in the $ 30,000 Class 5 Division 2 race over 1,200m after 2 races and could no longer straddle the jockey Co-Tech Fat.

Never shy to talk about his struggle to bring his business to the fore, but Tan didn’t read much about the sudden surge.

“These horses have been racing for some time and have some experience. It’s good that they’re finally recovering. Perhaps they’re doing well,” he said. ..

“The times are tough and the garden isn’t very deep, but we hope we can do what we have and get a fair share of the winners here and there.”

The first shock of seeing a long shot Super Extreme coming from the inside with a sudden burst to the score has now given way to hope.

“He often misses the start and has practiced many times at the barrier,” Tan said.
“He improved a lot with the barriers, so I expected him to run better.

“But he didn’t show me anything yet, so I wasn’t confident yet.

“I told the owner that it was a small field and he just wanted to run a good race.

“But it’s clear that he has the ability, from the way he’s straightened and speeded up.

“Maybe Winker helped him for the first time. He was a little late again, but not so bad.

“The owner was very kind and supported me a lot. Andre Lim (super simple fame) bought the horse.

“Because of Covid-19, they had to be patient. We had to spend a lot of time with such horses – and I was rewarded for their long waits. I’m glad. “

Saifuddin, who won the championship on the 12th night trained by Revolution and Hideyuki Takaoka last week, was not left behind with gratitude after Tan’s race.

“Saifuddin knows this horse very well. I told him to put the straights well and do his best to win the race,” Tan said.

“He is very experienced. Every morning he has some horses for me. I rely heavily on his judgment.”

Malaysian Hoop, who turned 54 last Wednesday, can certainly take advantage of his wealth of experience. But he modestly dropped his own richly shaped veins.

“I’m very lucky. I’m very grateful for the support from Alwin and his owner,” said the birthday boy.

“This horse tried very well, and his work was very good. I expected him to get better.

“On the long way, I wanted him to come from behind. I was very lucky to stay inside.”

Behind after starting further later, the 3-year-old Dissident appeared to be a suicide squad.

However, in the saloon passage on the home straight, Commodore (Mark Lerner), a survivor of the infected fetlock, refused to make a fairy tale comeback.

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