Race 1 (1,200M)
(3) IMPOSING looked very unlucky second at the time of its debut. He tackled a stronger field than this second up and finished in 6th place. He may be ready to untag the maiden.
(6) WINNING SINGLE shows a fair form and needs to be challenged again to the finish.
Stable companions from Paul Peteryard, (9) United Prince and (14) TIME INTHEWOODS are doing well and have a chance to win.

Race 2 (1,200M)
(2) SHESAKINDA MAGIC is clearly superior to the one I showed last time, and can bounce back and score.
(3) WINTER MELODY may not have enjoyed the soft track last time and may have improved enough to win.
(4) AUTUMN SPIRIT needs to do more to win, but may make a small amount of money.
(5) ALTO ALEX is worthy of respect as it has shown significant improvements at the second start.

Race 3 (1,750M)
(2) Belle Starr Buster did not show his best last time, but may prefer to return to the turf. Hope of victory.
(3) Natasha Rostov needs to do more to win, but may pop up to move up the rankings.
(4) LUROX showed improvement at the second start and was able to raise the ranking.
(5) SEA CRUISE has a certain shape and has a chance of place.

Race 4 (1,200M)
(1) Captain WHO was not at all embarrassed at the last two starts. He puts a lot of emphasis on his rivals, but he should be right there at the finish.
(3) FULL BLAST is fighting to regain the thread of victory. But he is good and should make money again.
(5) TINKERMAN was not ashamed of his local debut. He was able to go back to the grass and do even better.
(7) SIKHULU probably needed a final run on Polytrack. He needs to show improvement.

Race 5 (1,400M)
(10) DOUBLE MARTINI is doing well. Double seems likely.
(1) FINAL DESTINY probably has a little more work to do to win, but there is a chance of a place.
(2) CAVALIERI hasn’t won for a while, but last time it showed improvement on the soft track. He must pay some respect.
(4) SENOR GARCIA has improved and was strong last time. However, this is a more powerful area.

Race 6 (1,400M)
(11) HIGH VELOCITY was not shy even the third time last time. It’s not surprising to see him win this.
(1) The mandala effect may be better with polytrack.
(2) CAPE EAGLE has some fair post-maiden runs and has a chance to win.
(4) VALENCIA has a fair shape on the polytrack and can thank you for returning to the grass.

Race 7 (1,000M)
(2) BLAZE OF SILK must be effective and respected on this track.
(3) PRINCEKRESH was a little disappointed with the last two starts on Polytrack. He is doing well on this track and should be running a big race despite having encountered many tough competitions.
(7) WINTER FLIGHT, (8) LUNARCAM, and (9) RENAISSANCE MAN are promising types. Any of them can win.

Race 8 (1,600M)
(6) ROYAL MONARCH has a great chance of victory after repeating the last run.
(1) RAINOR SHINE was good. He will be tested on his turf debut.
(4) SPIRIT OF MY FATE is consistent and we need to fight the finish again.
(5) INCREDIBILL has not been embarrassed by his local debut and deserves respect.

Race 9 (1,600M)
(4) BELLA SICCOME was a little disappointed when it exceeded 1,900m last time and reached 6th place. But both her victories have gone beyond this distance to turf. Please note that this is a tough race.
(5) ROTUNDA is in good condition, but may prefer Polytrack. Last time, I exceeded 1800m and finished in 2nd place.
(7) LADY SERENA is doing well and I definitely like this track.
(9) AERIAL VIEW did not show the best results last time, but doing so can be surprising.

Race 10 (1,950M)
(10) ARROW’S MARK is probably better than his last two runs. He can win a race like this.
(1) HEAD GARDENER has been disappointed since winning the maiden race. But he always works hard.
(2) LIVING WATERS is an unreliable customer. But from a good draw, he must have a cry of victory.
(12) HEY BILL is not well drawn, but I won this course.

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