Douglas Whyte is accustomed to the joy of riding a big race winner, but the 50-year-old has experienced a whole new level of emotion since becoming a trainer.

White won three Group 1s this season, with 43 victories, surpassing 41 in the previous campaign.

The South African is very proud of his horse performance and the start he has made as a trainer.

“It’s like adopting a foster child and preparing for the future,” White said. “I’ve always been very close to horses. I’ve been a horse for the rest of my life, but as a trainer you do trackwork, work at home, prepare and plan, train and develop.

“I am very attached to and enjoy horses. I would be very happy if I could spend my time and effort and get good results.”

Patience and patience certainly rewarded South Africa’s stable star Russian emperor, who won this year’s Gold Cup and Champions & Chatter Cups. White feels proved after at least one fellow trainer has moved to pouch the horse.End of last season

“The victory of the Russian emperor in the Gold Cup stands out by defeating the Golden Sixty, and not many horses do it,” White said.

“After Derby and last year’s Champions & Chatter Cup, there was a lot of controversy when he trained a bit and had some problems. Lots of opinions came up and he moved. There was a hint that it might be.

“It was worrisome, I’m not going to deny the facts, but it was more about individuals and colleagues trying to bully and having an opinion, it was wrong.

“Fortunately, owner Mike and Elaine [Cheung Shun-ching] I’ve been friends with them for a long time and they are loyal and thank you for allowing me to continue training my horses. “

White may be too demanding to find another Russian emperor, but he leaves no stones to find the next top liner.

“I love another big horse in the stable, a young horse, and fresh blood,” White said. “I’m a competitive individual and I love the challenge. Increasing the number last year was a challenge, and I’ll continue it next season.”

The Russian emperor occupies the highest position in the Gold Cup as Golden Sixty is disappointed again

White has plenty of opportunities to add six runners to his Tally in Sha Tin on Sunday, including Xponential from Gate 3 of the Class 3 Stephenson Cup (1,200m).

“He was very unlucky at the gate,” White said. “Fortunately, he has half the chance. He had no luck in Happy Valley, so that was probably the reason I switched him to Sha Tin.

“Since he’s a victim of the situation, switching tracks will be something different for him. He’s running well on both tracks, so he presents himself and is competitive. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do it. “

Valiant Elegance seems to have won four races in White this season and seized the opportunity with a Class 3 Ip Jug (1,200m).

“He loved obedience, which was a blessing for him,” White said. “He always comes back to another horse from there.

“He also didn’t have the best luck in the last few runs. He won the dirt. His racing style is suitable for its surface and when it rains a little, the front runner You can get a sealed truck suitable for. He’s fine. “

The private rocket incorporates a Class 2 Chau Silver Plate (1,400m) and White feels the race conditions are suitable for his runner.

“He was a little enthusiastic last time. He is an old man and very competitive,” White said. “Rating bands in this particular race can help him and he can lose weight. He needed to put together weights in the 130’s, which I know after all.”

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