Deputy Prime Minister Heng SweeKeat will capture Covid-19 during his stay in Germany and will not participate in the first fintech conference, the Point Zero Forum.

Hen said in a Facebook post on Sunday (June 19th) that he tested positive for the coronavirus on Saturday, even though he wore a mask while in Berlin to avoid congestion while traveling. rice field.

“I woke up with a sore throat. Thankfully, my symptoms aren’t serious so far, as I’ve been vaccinated and boosted,” he added.

Organized by Elevandi, a non-profit organization founded by the Swiss International Financial Office (SIF) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the forum will be held in Zurich from June 21st to 23rd.

Apologizing to everyone involved in the trip and the organizers of the Point Zero Forum, Mr. Heng said he was isolated and would not be able to continue his business trip.

He traveled to London on June 12th, where he attended the London Tech Week event and arrived in Berlin on June 16th.

The last trip to Europe would have been Switzerland.

“It’s a rare Father’s Day to be isolated in a hotel abroad, but I’m happy to be back in Singapore and make a video call with my family,” Hen said.

“We also wish for the health of all fathers. Keep them safe and strengthen everyone!”

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