Dr. Ammar Al-Husseini, Deputy Director General of the Central Information Technology Agency, emphasized the need to develop cyber defense strategies and plans that guarantee a secure information environment for all members of society and their institutions.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the 3rd Gulf Conference and Exhibition on Cybersecurity, Al-Husseini said that the tremendous rapid and continuous technological progress that the world is witnessing in various fields and aspects of life He said it had a big impact on our lives. .

He added that this progress has come with serious security challenges represented by threats of various types and sources, leading to an increase in hacking and electronic attacks that seek to subvert the information environment.

He said the conference will support cybersecurity efforts by presenting the latest research findings of experts and international companies and by reviewing the most important and up-to-date cybersecurity tools, including programs, applications, and devices. He pointed out the importance of the event, stating that it would contribute to achieving profits. Emphasizes the importance of activating the recommendations of this conference so that the desired goals are achieved in exchanging experiences between institutions seeking to create a secure information environment.

Dr. Al-Hussaini said the diversity of tools used within constitutes the burden and major challenge of cybersecurity systems, and to confront these high and reproducible challenges and limit their impact said: It is a strategy and action plan that guarantees a secure information environment for all members of society’s institutions,” pointing out that the language of numbers reflects the critical importance of cybersecurity.

He noted that global cybersecurity will be worth over $150 billion in 2020 and that this market is expected to be worth over $350 billion by 2026 and over $450 billion by 2030. emphasized. threat cost.

According to him, cyber intrusions exceed $600 billion annually, which reflects the importance of investment in this area and collaboration on the issue.

For her part, Eng Layali Al-Mansouri, head of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), said that information and communication technology has become one of the main drivers of modern times, one of the new changes, and the foundation of information and communication technology. I said that it is a serious job. , and it is a major driver of economic and human growth and social development because it facilitates access to all information and data. , a risk occurs.

Next, Anwar Al-Harbi, Advisor to the Technical Office of the Central Information Technology Department, said that the Technical Office is concerned with everything advanced and modern in the field of information technology, such as cyber security, archiving, etc. rice field. or retain an electronic document stating that a government agency sponsored this special conference on cybersecurity. Especially since the “cybersecurity” factor is a key factor in all sectors, whether government or private. Because all transactions are electronic and online. Transactions and how they are stored and distributed must be maintained.

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