Bord Pleanála has denied a “fast track” planning permit for a 14-story 162-unit building permit scheme on Prussia Street in Dublin 7.

The appeal board’s refusal is part of a double blow to builder Landelswood’s construction plans, where the board is the developer’s Strategic Housing Development (SHD) on Prussian Street, Dolkane House and Monastery Road. Issue two denials of planning apartment planning permits, Clondalkin for a total of 292 units.

In connection with Prussian Street’s planned plans, the Appeals Commission has decided that a 14-story block adjacent to the Grangegorman campus of the Institute of Technology (TU) will jeopardize the consistent redevelopment and regeneration of the site. Did.

Overwhelming impact

The board also found that the plan would have an overwhelming impact on the historic cityscape of Prussian Street and the adjacent protected area of ​​St. Joseph’s Road.

The Board of Appeals also found that the design of the plan became a visually dominant feature in the wider cityscape.

The Board also concluded that due to its height, scale, bulkiness and mass, especially the monolithic nature of the rear, this scheme cannot be integrated into the surrounding area or enhance the characteristics of the surrounding area. rice field.

Downey, a planning consultant for the plan, said the proposed plan would be beneficial to Prussian Street, the TU Double Range Gorman Campus, and the surrounding area, making it an ideal location for housing development to enjoy a wide range of services. Insisted.

Downey Planning also argued that the proposed development would form a unique new residential area with a density and characteristics that would well assimilate the location.

The consultant said the unit is suitable for graduates and young professionals.

Asphalt operation

Regarding the Landelswood project of 130 units on Monastery Road in Clondalkin, the board said that asphalt operations would seriously impair future occupant comfort after pointing out that it is adjacent to an existing asphalt plant. I concluded that it wasn’t, and refused the plan permission. scheme.

The scheme consists of 61 one-bedroom apartments, 59 two-bedroom apartments and 10 three-bedroom apartments, changing the existing office development use in the three blocks of Dolkane House from office to residential. Did.

Documents submitted to the scheme state that the proposed development is properly located within the existing suburban town of Clondalkin and does not constitute an urban sprawl phenomenon.

The document also states that the plan includes redevelopment of underutilized land in close proximity to existing facilities and public transportation.

The Board of Appeals also found that the plan represents an unacceptable form of development that creates unacceptable conflicts between vehicle traffic and pedestrians and cyclists, endangering public safety.

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