A concert attendee invited by The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers to play drums at one of Dublin’s shows said his dream had come true and was nervous to get the song done. I admitted to fighting.

Am Connolly, 20, from Monkstown, Dublin, had a plan to play with The Killers all day at the band’s Malahide Castle and Garden gigs last night.

Connolly made a colorful sign asking: Unknown reason?? – One of their songs – and put himself very close to the stage, hoping to be seen by Flowers.

The American rock band yesterday played the first song of two popular outdoor gigs in Malahide Castle and Gardens. When Flowers brought Mr. Connolly to the stage, concert attendees entertained the audience by playing drums with the band’s songs.

“I felt this would happen all day long. I would be able to play with the band,” Sam told Independent.ie.

But when it came to realizing his dream, BIMM music students admitted that “only adrenaline” helped play the drums in front of 30,000 people.

“I was hoping Brandon Flowers would come to me, but to be honest, it was blurry for the next 5 minutes and it was a very nice blur.

“I was very nervous, but by the end of the song I was milking it with Phil,” he said, referring to a heavy drumming routine.

Playing with Dublin band MT Heads with a friend, singer and guitarist John Daly (19) from Glenageary in southern Dublin, Connolly says that most people can live their lives without dreaming. He said he noticed.

“Still, I already know that I have my dreams and feel very lucky,” he said.

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“I’ve only wanted to play live on stage for such a large audience, but I still can’t believe it.

“I was very worried about going up. Adrenaline took over, so I had to run behind the stage towards the drums.

“I didn’t have time to think about it. The reaction of the audience from the second time I started playing was incredible.”

He even mentioned leading the singer Flowers, who he feels nervous.

Hana said to the crowd: “Two minutes ago he said,’What am I crazy about?'” Sam, you are doing great things. “

When the musician showed his skills on the drum kit, the crowd began to chant “Ole, Ole, Ole”. After that, hundreds of people asked Mr. Connolly to take a picture on his way home on a dirt train.

“People were shouting my name on the street, it was very surreal,” Connolly said.

“And it’s strange that it felt natural when I was playing there and when I joined it.

“I know people can wait a lifetime and never get such a chance. I had that chance and it was the realization of my dream. It was only once. If I had to do it, I had done it and loved it. “

Connolly’s family and friends were waiting for him to go home at 2 am today. He was astonished when he walked down the front door and was greeted by his delighted parents.

“My mother was crying and my dad just said’fair play’,” Connolly said.

His mother, Louise, and his father, Julian, are undoubtedly an interesting watcher of their son’s career as he plans to pursue music seriously.

MT Heads’ latest indie truck Valentine You can listen now.

Connolly will play drums for his friend Emma Williams at Grand Social in Dublin on June 21st.

Killers are spending their second night at Malahide Castle and Gardens tonight.

Undoubtedly, more young applicants will compete for a chance to gain five minutes of fame on stage.

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