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Dame Flora Duffy admits that what she called this year’s “frustrating” start is fighting for peak form after finishing seventh in today’s AJ Bell World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds. ..

Duffy was aiming for 3rd place in Yokohama last month. However, her preparation for Leeds wasn’t ideal, and she caught Covid-19 for the second time in five months a few weeks ago.

Despite her fitness struggles, Duffy digs deeper into the seventh and completes the sprint distance race. [750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run] In 59 minutes and 44 seconds.

France’s Cassandre Beaugrand declared victory at 59:03, with locally popular Georgia Taylor-Brown second at 59:12 and British teammate Sophie Coldwell third at 59:15. ..

“It was a very difficult day,” Duffy told Bar News. “It wasn’t ideal to win a Covid between Yokohama and Leeds. We had to prepare for a tough race all the time for the last three weeks as we started this year late and caught Covid in January as well.

“I didn’t know that because I was crazy about Covid. It was difficult to race at this level right away.

“This year was a frustrating year. It’s not ideal to get Covid twice. When I first got it, it hit me a lot. 6 weeks to feel normal again It took!”

Bermuda started the race among the candidates with Taylor-Brown and took an impressive swim out of the water in second place after Boland.

Duffy was part of the lead group of bikes such as Bogland, Coldwell and Taylor Spivey in the United States, but struggled to keep pace and lost contact with the front pack on lap 2 of the fifth lap. rice field.

The Olympic champion, who had fallen to 13th place by the start of the run, showed her fighting spirit to reach 7th place in the finish.

“Swimming went well, and I’m happy with it,” said Duffy, who is pursuing a record fourth world title.

“Unfortunately, the bike couldn’t have any special training for this style of racing.

“It’s very surgical and high intensity, and if you’re not prepared for it, it’s hard to jump into it right away.

“Sophie was riding hard and caught me in a weak moment. I reached the limit. There was a candidate in. [chase] A group that includes Georgia and Cassandre.

“Looking at how the run goes, I think I’m hoping for the best. I often feel terrible on my bike, but I’m on track.

“I wanted it, but today wasn’t my day. It was a solid result, not great.”

In the next race of the WTCS calendar in Montreal two weeks later, Duffy said it would be difficult to match the intensity of training she needed to be at her best.

“I was actually trained at the beginning of March and was trained to the baseline level, but that wasn’t so long ago,” she said.

“We need a consistent training week. In addition, we have a big year like last year. [winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo].. It will take some time for you to find your foot again, recover, and get a solid week of training.

“That’s what I really need. It’s very difficult because the blocks of the race are approaching.

“It’s still seven weeks before the Commonwealth Games. [in Birmingham].. “

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