Singapore-One of the proven ways to attract and teach preschoolers is to develop characters and props using loose materials such as branches, leaves, wood chips and bottle caps.

This is one aspect of the Reggio Emilia approach, developed by the Italian pedagogue Loris Malaguzzi and named after the city of northern Italy where he was born.

E-Bridge Pre School’s Fang Liyuan, Chu Ya-Li, and Xu Ruijin apply this strategy to teach students mandarin, encourage them to collect leaves, twigs, and branches, and create a variety of characters and props. I instructed you to. It was then used to put together a storybook.

The teachers also encouraged the children to use twigs to make Chinese names.

The story of a fairy, who meets three different parts of the plant, won the trio’s highest award at this year’s preschool Chinese storytelling AIDS competition.

“More children use natural materials,” Fang, 32, told reporters at an award ceremony held at an annual seminar for preschool Chinese teachers on Saturday (July 9). I wanted to create an opportunity to do it. Loosen the parts to create props and characters and give them the opportunity to express themselves. “

Chu, 25, said the strategy was very popular with children.

“Children made props such as planes, cars and insects, which really showed the students’ rich imagination and infinite creativity,” she added.

Gan Siow Huang, Minister of Education and Human Resources, Chairman of the Chinese Language Learning Promotion Committee (CPCLL), presented the top three awards and seven awards to the ten kindergartens on Saturday (July 9).

In his speech at the beginning of the seminar, Minister Gunn talked about the importance of play in preschool education.

“Interactive games and purposeful play provide a good platform for children to develop critical thinking skills, inspire creativity and intrigue Chinese,” she said.

The 14th repetitive one-day seminar is currently organized by CPCLL and supported by the Infant Development Agency and the National Institute for Infant Development.

Nearly 1,000 teachers and managers, in particular, attended keynote speeches and workshops by early childhood experts. This seminar aims to improve the professional skills of preschool Chinese teachers and enable them to create diverse and interesting teaching methods.

A book called Creative Storytelling Aids featuring winning works from 2018 to 2020 was also released at this event.

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