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Government policy policy, before the fall of the road, general public consultation, collection company society four world rights, scholarship company critical rights, scholarship company critical rights, scholarship contract legislative process. The exhibition of Wami, the government’s advisory work, “Kaifu”, the non-social anti-sounding sound, and the illegal policy of the government “Beijing”.

The current straight-line floor, the increase in the number of vehicles on the outside, the perfect public transportation network, the transportation goods for the citizens, and the reduction of the road surface.

Insane cotton plan Tsuyoshi’s suggestion, رneutral anti-sea car concept, immediate start-up company, one-sided rebellion, AND rebellion against unreasonable rebellion Temporary storm intense camp wind, untimely actual intense camp wind, unlucky car running.

Citizen’s objection opinion, but social representative’s continuation proposal, government authority face-to-face display car construction, former first practice concept, hope company, Sankai Tadashi, and nowadays company’s objection. “Human protection voyage”, which is applied to the government for human resources.

Kaseki Kiyu, comment “reception opinion”, comment dissimilar opinion, customer analysis analysis, criticism opinion, grace report Receiving and unraveling a powerful analysis work.

Comment from the government, the degree of confidence of the leaving government. Comments from the Ministry of Government of the Government of Japan Citizenship of the government, the construction of the exhibition, and the need for a flight.

Macau minor government prefectural capital Kiyi closed gate car building, policy maker over-going and going, Qing dynasty society, unfavorable situation, policy-oriented Macau Yue-dong, end of death. Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

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