Macau Business Editorial | July 2022 | Jose Carlos Matthias – Director

Macau has been in an unprecedented situation for the past few weeks. This was probably an unavoidable situation, even a telegram given its outbreaks elsewhere in the current mainstream Omicron variant of COVID-19, especially in Shanghai and Hong Kong.As this issue of Macau business The number of confirmed cases in the regional outbreak on June 19 has already exceeded 1,000, showing signs of further increase.

Over the last few weeks, we have once again witnessed our medical professionals, civil protection teams, volunteers, reporters and many others working hard 24 hours a day to maximize their irreplaceable role. Did. Governments, societies and businesses are on the same ship and are making sacrifices as the city maintains an enviable near-zero death record.

Given the ongoing “Dynamic Zero Corona” strategy, you have to withstand the one-week limit. Ho Iat-seng has made it clear that his priority is to meet the requirements for reopening the border with mainland China. Given Macau’s cross-border trust, the approach is easy to understand.

However, implementing this strategy clearly has widespread and serious social and economic implications, the cost of which has not yet been truly measured. Nevertheless, they need to be received at face value and dealt with promptly. At this point, the city is between a rock and a hard place.

Fatigue, frustration, and hopelessness are commonplace in this undeniably challenging background. These should not be despair.

In the short term, this outbreak needs to be effectively controlled and the number of infections needs to be significantly reduced. After that, keeping new infections at zero remains the stated goal, but is it a realistic and feasible goal in the light of other examples abroad on how Omicron spreads?

Where are you going from here? The newly announced 10.3 billion MOP bailout package for workers, professionals and businesses will be welcomed and will bring some rest, but more action will soon be needed to inject more money into the economy. Probably. Looking further ahead, we need to strike a fresh and sustainable balance between our pandemic strategy and the resurgence of our business activities.

The prospect of the city reopening in the world will shed hope. We really need a roadmap for that.

There seems to be no magic bullet in the current framework, and it is a wise move to feel the stone and cross the river. Still, keep in mind that you need to walk on two legs to move forward.

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