CAIRO: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met with a delegation from the Qatar Businessmen’s Association (QBA) on the sidelines of the 1st International Forum and Exhibition for Industry. Saturday off in Cairo.

The Prime Minister of Egypt, Dr. Mostafa Madbri, was also present at the meeting.

The President of Egypt confirmed the nation’s willingness to continue direct exchanges with investors and the business community, and said its success supports the path Egypt is pursuing towards inclusive development and nation-building. and expressed Egypt’s readiness to accept all procedures and facilities for Qatari investment. Businessmen from all walks of life. The Egyptian President also praised his recent visit to Qatar, deeming it a success by all standards.

He noted Egypt’s interest in stimulating investment and addressing all the concerns facing Qatari businessmen. In particular, gross domestic product, labor force employment rates, and the managerial and organizational capacities they possess. In this connection, in addition to state measures in infrastructure development, particularly in ports and airports, he encourages and supports serious investment and encourages the government to overcome all the obstacles facing the private sector. reviewed the reform and development facilities and measures adopted by Significant development of sectors, road networks, modern transport systems, customs and taxation, modernization of legal frameworks and systems.

The President of Egypt expressed readiness to advance the visions and ideas put forward by Qatari businessmen and strive for their success in order to contribute to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries. .

The meeting saw an open dialogue between the Egyptian President and Qatari businessmen on the prospects for government actions and economic conditions to advance Egypt’s comprehensive development process, while business representatives He praised Egypt’s ambitious development plans and strong will to achieve reforms. Egypt’s growth at an accelerating pace.

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madboury said President El-Sisi will continue to support and develop the government in all areas, especially the industrial sector, work towards increasing export volumes, and support and broaden the horizons of Qatari investors. pointed out the directive. It will provide more facilities and incentives to Qatari investors in terms of transportation or the establishment of distribution warehouses in several industrial areas, including 17 industrial parks and four new cities being prepared.

He stressed the role of Arab and foreign investors, especially Qataris, in achieving the US$100 billion export value target set within five years and said steps were being taken in this regard. rice field. The Egyptian Prime Minister also emphasized that the relationship between the two countries is always growing and getting better.

Sheikh Faisal emphasized that Qatar and Egypt have historical ties and that Qatar’s investments in Egypt go back more than 50 years. He said that under the direction of Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Althani, the QBA will strengthen strong ties between the two countries at the economic and commercial level, in light of the consensus between his two wise leaders. said he was working on it.

The QBA chairman praised Egypt’s economic revitalization and mega-projects such as the new administrative capital, ports and road networks, and facilities provided by the Egyptian government to foreign investors, adding that Egypt will have a large number of young people and trained labor. I pointed out that I have power. He added that Qatari businessmen are serious about discussing real investment opportunities in Egypt, in addition to ongoing negotiations on investments in various sectors.

He pointed out that there are several sectors Egypt will prioritize going forward, including the agricultural sector, food industry, telecommunications, information technology, pharmaceutical industry and electronics industry, which businessmen are also discussing.

QBA Director Sheikh Hamad bin Faisal Al-Thani praised bilateral ties between the two brother nations, saying continued visits between officials from the two countries strengthened strong ties and underscored that it would pave the way for new investments in the private sector, especially in Egypt, the largest Arab market. He also welcomed Egyptian investors wishing to invest in Qatar, which offers significant benefits to foreign investors.

He also emphasized Qatar’s intention to develop economic and trade cooperation with Egyptian business circles and enterprises in the future, and to make joint investments to contribute to supporting the economic development process of the two brother countries.

QBA Executive Director Sheikh Nawaf bin Nasser Al-Thani praised the bilateral relationship between the State of Qatar and the Arab Republic of Egypt and praised the economic recovery Egypt is currently experiencing.

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