Cairo: The Governorates of Egypt’s Grain Buyer, Directorate General of Supplies (GASC), is seeking an unspecified amount of wheat in international purchase bids.
Wheat is produced in the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina and Brazil.

The deadline for offers is Tuesday, July 19th. Offers can be submitted on a fare and fare (C & F) basis for payment using a 180-day letter of credit.
Offers will be shipped from September 16th to 30th, October 1st to 15th, October 16th to 31st, and November 1st to 15th.
According to GASC, suppliers can apply for all shipping periods or one of them.

The sought-after origins do not include the Black Sea region and the European Union, Egypt’s largest wheat suppliers.

“GASC wants to test prices available from other sources that are often not examined because the Black Sea and Europe are usually dominant in purchase bids,” said one European trader.

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