Beirut: Lebanon and Egypt will sign a “final” gas import agreement on June 21, a Lebanese energy ministry spokesman told Reuters.
The plan, which first emerged in the summer of 2021, is part of a US-backed effort to address Lebanon’s catastrophic power shortage using Egyptian gas supplied via Jordan and Syria. is.
Earlier this week, U.S. officials could finalize the agreement between the two countries, allowing Washington to assess whether the transaction complies with U.S. sanctions against Syria, after which gas “finally flows. “There is a possibility
Egypt’s ambassador to Lebanon did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
The United States enacted the Caesar Act in 2019, allowing the property of anyone who does business with Syria to be frozen. It aims to have President Bashar al-Assad stop the 11-year civil war and agree on a political solution.
Lebanon states that by combining Egyptian gas with another transaction to import electricity from Jordan, the country’s electricity supply can be raised from a few hours a day to a maximum of 10 hours. (Report by Timour Azhari; edited by Mark Potter)

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