After 10 city-wide tests of residents and non-residents born before 31 December 1942, support daily life with persons with disabilities who have a valid disability assessment registration card from the Social Welfare Department. Those who rely on others for their purposes are exempt. From city-wide tests.

From tomorrow-City’s 11th Mass NAT-These groups will no longer be required to participate in mandatory mass NAT as long as they meet the required requirements and apply for an exemption, said the Health Department’s Head of Infectious Disease Prevention. Leong Iek Hou states and admin department.

Caretakers or family members must apply for these exemptions online. The platform is still under development, so its address (URL) will be announced shortly. Masks and rapid antigen tests distributed by mass NAT can be collected by applicants on behalf of these individuals as long as they have a tax exemption receipt and a screenshot of the individual’s health code.

“We want to get zero cases this week so we can enter the period of integration,” Leon said. She also suggested that the current 10 + 7 quarantine period for arrival in Macau could be adjusted soon.

Meanwhile, another topic that dominated today’s daily press conference, in a video disseminated online yesterday, shows that eight unmasked police officers are smoking close to each other in a police station. I am.

Ray Tak Phi, the spokesman for the Public Security Police, sought public understanding and a rational attitude towards the incident.He also said this [27 cases] As long as the case happened in a private facility rather than in a public place, he was charged.

He also states:we [the police] We have always practiced epidemic prevention and law enforcement only in public places. For areas within private buildings, we are calling on relevant property management agencies to control the flow of people and take epidemic measures. Police do not have the right to enforce the law on the location of private residences. “

A spokesman for Unitary Police Services, Chong Kin Iam, also said that between July 11 and 3:00 pm, 567 people were warned of various violations and did not follow the government’s strict anti-Covid-19 measures. He said 27 charges had been filed against the people.

The latest Covid-19 figures show only 27 new Covid-19 cases recorded in the last day (July 16), and as of midnight last night, the city aggregated a total of 1,733 cases. It has become. Of these, 656 were symptomatic and 1077 were asymptomatic.

Of the new cases, 23 were under control in the Red Code Zone and medical surveillance hotels, and only 4 were detected in the community. Two close contacts, two city-wide NATs and two key group NATs were detected, of which 0 were detected. Other population groups.

As of 3:00 pm today, more than 21,000 people are being followed up, 65 patients have been released today, and a total of 384 patients have been released since June 18.

Starting tomorrow, Macau will enter the second phase of the partial blockade, with all non-essential services remaining closed until 00:00 on July 23. The Macau Monetary Authority (AMCM) has announced that all branches of 31 banks and 12 insurance institutions in the city will also be out of service until Friday. Online banking and ATM services will continue to function properly.

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