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Electricity prices will be the highest in southwestern Norway on Monday. Preliminary figures on the website of the power exchange Nord Pool show that between 6pm and 7pm, electricity costs NOK 4.51 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

In the southeast and west of Norway, prices go up to NOK 2.80 per kWh. In central Norway the price reaches NOK 2.45 and in the north of the country the price reaches NOK 0.015.

A 10-minute shower uses on average about 4.5 kWh, depending on the temperature and the amount of water your showerhead supplies.

The national average price is NOK 2.047 per kWh on Monday, NOK 0.29 higher than Sunday and NOK 1.45 higher than the same day last year. The highest 24-hour electricity price on a Monday is NOK 3.98 per kWh in South-West Norway.

According to industry website Europower, daily prices for areas NO1 (Eastern Norway) and NO5 (Western Norway) will reach summer records.

Saturday’s domestic high and low were NOK 4.26 and NOK 0.0077 per kWh respectively. On the same day last year, it was 0.83 NOK and 0.30 NOK per kWh.

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