By 10 pm last night, 585,666 people had undergone nucleic acid testing (NAT) as part of a city-wide plan that began at noon on Sunday, the New Coronavirus Response Coordination Center reported. All 360,211 test results were negative.

However, 11 batches of 10 samples (from the previous 6 batches) are rechecked after all samples show positive signs in both the first and second tests. One more sample is currently being tested to find individuals who test positive in the sample.

Preliminary Covid-19 positive sample sampling location and time (New batch in bold as of 10 pm on June 20) :

– Kiang Wu Hospital Test Station around 12:00 pm on June 19th.
– Venetian Macao Test Station around 12:30 pm And 7 pm June 19;
– Macau University of Science and Technology Hospital Test Station (around 3:20 pm on June 19).
– Kagamidaira Gaku School – Secondary section test station around 4:25 pm on June 19th.

– Monha Sports Center Test Station around 4:40 pm on June 19th.
– Dom Bosco College (Yuet Wah) Test Station (June 19, around 6 pm).
– The Academy of Public Security Bureaus at around 7:25 pm on June 19.
– Kwon Thai Junior High School around midnight on June 20th.
– – A kindergarten at the Louhaus Cool Test Station around 3:00 am on June 20th.
– Women’s General Association of Macau Multi Service Building Test Station around 10:45 am on June 20

Citizens who have queued NAT at the times and locations above can perform an autoantigen test within 2 days after NAT and upload the results to this link.

Given the rapid epidemic in Macau over the weekend, the center is open to the general public reserve Complete city-wide tests as soon as possible, enable healthcare professionals to detect risks and hidden cases, and prevent the spread of the virus in the community.

The test results are not displayed in the health code and cannot be used for customs clearance. However, although self-funded inspection results can be used for customs clearance, reservation arrangements must be rigorous.

The center is waiting for anyone in Macau who has not been tested since noon today to have their health code turned yellow and sent to the location designated by the police for testing, where the test results are available. Reminded me. It is negative.

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