Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his brain startup Neuralink CEO Sibon Gillis gave birth to twins in November 2021, insiders reported.

Insider quoted court documents on Wednesday, petitioning Musk and Gillis to change their twin names to “have a father’s surname” and include their mother’s name as part of their middle name in April. submitted.

According to court records of Westlaw’s legal investigation service, the judge “renamed multiple children” on May 11 after a petition for a name change from Musk and Zilis on April 25 this year. I signed the order.

On Thursday, Musk tweeted, “We are doing our best to help the depopulation crisis.” He did not refer to the insider report.

“The declining birthrate is the greatest danger facing civilization,” he said.

The twins make the total number of children in the mask nine. Musk shares two children with Canadian singer Grimes and another five with his ex-wife Canadian writer Justin Wilson.

Musk and Grimes had a second child in surrogacy in December, a month after Musk and Gillis were allegedly giving birth to twins.

A billionaire said he and Grimes were “half-separated,” according to a PageSix report last September.


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Musk and Gillis did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

The report said without quoting sources, Gillis appears as one of the people Musk was able to run Twitter after the $ 44 billion acquisition deal.

Zilis (36) is identified in his LinkedIn profile as the director of operations and special projects for Neuralink, co-founded and chaired by Musk (51). She started working for the company in May 2017 and was appointed as the project director of artificial intelligence in Tesla the same month, and she worked until 2019.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is also a board member of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company co-founded by Musk.

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