Director Baz Luhrmann is posing with cast members Austin Butler and Tom Hanks at the recent screening of “Elvis” in London.Reuters / Maja Smiejkowska / File Photo

Los Angeles: Critics seem to like or hate film director Baz Luhrmann’s biography “Elvis,” but Austin Butler excels at portraying “King of Rock” and “Roll.”

Butler appeared in the teenage shows “Hannah Montana,” “iCarly,” “Switched at Birth,” and then “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood,” after starting to play background characters in Hollywood Productions. .. “”

Now he’s breaking the hip-spinning movement and the rhythm of Elvis Presley’s words in Rahman’s musical film about the trials and tribulations of singers and actors.

“I thought I wouldn’t do it if I couldn’t find someone to play Elvis,” Rahman told Reuters.

“(Butler) sent this video, but it wasn’t an audition. He lost a mother of the same age as Elvis, had a nightmare, went downstairs, put on an iPhone, and sang, so he broke down. “Unchained Melody” … his agent starts the process by saying “send it to the buzz”, but when he comes in, he comes in and when I meet him Was a little down Elvis Street. “

But when Butler began filming his first performance, which was the production of Presley’s 1968 concert, after a year and a half of preparation, he “down Elvis Street” as much as he wanted. He says it wasn’t.

“I felt so much responsibility, and what comes with it is an incredible amount of horror. I was very scared,” Butler said.

“I went on stage and the music started … I looked down, looked down at the leather on my arm and the ring on my finger, and felt like I was looking through his eyes. It was the most notable out-of-body experience. experience.”

After embodying Elvis for three years from the 2019 casting, Butler’s journey ended with the world premiere of the film at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

“I had never seen this movie and felt this weight just by taking this big sigh in the middle of Act 1,” he said.

Elvis will launch a global cinema rollout on Wednesday.

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