According to BT Ireland, the one-hour emergency call outage was due to a technical problem.

The 999 and 112 phone and text processing services that connect people to Angalda Shiokana, as well as the fire, ambulance, and Coast Guard services, ceased on Tuesday between 1 am and 2:15 am.

According to the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Communications, the power outage affected about 227 callers and received follow-up calls from Gardai.

BT Ireland has a contract with the government to operate the service.

In a statement, BT Ireland stated that the cause was not malicious.

“Due to an internal technical issue, the caller was unable to access the emergency call answering service from 0100 am to 2:15 am on Tuesday, June 28,” said a BTI reland spokeswoman. ..

“We were able to quickly restore service and confirm that the cause of the outage was not malicious.

“We contacted Gardai and provided a list of callers so they could call directly to provide help.

“We do not hesitate to apologize to any callers who may have been affected by this service issue.”

They added: “BTI reland has operated an emergency call answering service on behalf of the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Communications (Decc) for over 12 years, turning it into one of the best performing emergency call processing services in Europe. Consistently meets the high standards set.

“It is our responsibility to take it seriously and we are working with DECC to ensure that this kind of technical error never happens again.”

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