BANGKOK, 20 August 2022 (WAM) — At a meeting held in Bangkok on Friday, tourism ministers from 21 APEC member economies said they will strengthen the tourism industry across the region through investment, job creation and human resources. Approved a set of guidelines for rebuilding. Supporting resource development, professional standards, and small businesses.

Tourism Ministers from APEC economies are coordinating policies to revive the region’s tourism and travel industry and make it safe, sustainable, responsible and more inclusive.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the travel and tourism industry provided nearly 162 million jobs in 2019, contributing about 11% of total employment in the region. 131 million jobs in 2020 and 138.7 million jobs in 2021.

Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports Phifat Ratchakitprakarn said: “It’s time to get back on track and move towards more positive territory.

APEC Secretariat Director-General Rebecca Stamaria said: “A key part of our job this year has been ensuring that travel can resume safely.

“Even if the pandemic settles into an endemic state, the work done by APEC will serve as an important guide for preparedness,” said Dr Sta Maria. Our efforts, initiatives and proposals to facilitate cross-border movement of people in the Asia-Pacific region are with us.”

“If there is one thing we have all learned from the pandemic, it is that tourism is key to economic growth in our region. That will continue to be the focus even after the pandemic,” she concluded.

Updating advice from the pre-COVID era, the guidelines reflect the need to reduce barriers that directly affect visitor exports and tourist flows in the region. Respect local resource managers, traditions and culture Promote sustainable and responsible travel and tourism Use innovative technologies to encourage information exchange and open dialogue to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts Improve well-being and establish partnerships Identify synergies and leverage resources through public-private partnerships to boost tourism investment in the APEC region Shocks that strengthen tourism resilience for the future We set our sights on the future and took a long-term view. They agreed that the future of tourism must contribute to the well-being of not only travelers but also local businesses and their employees. welcomed the introduction of “Policy Recommendations for the Future of Tourism: Regenerative Tourism”, a set of policy recommendations covering concrete actions that Member States can consider to

They envision a tourism that is inherently regenerative. It does no harm and instead gives back by helping sustainable practices thrive. increase.

Gathering under the theme of APEC 2022 “Open. Connect. Balance”, we envision a future of inclusive and sustainable tourism.

As the APEC 2024 Presidency, Peru will host the next APEC Tourism Ministers’ Meeting.

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