Abu Dhabi, July 7, 2022 (WAM)-The Ministry of Energy of Abu Dhabi (DoE) has signed a Five-Year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia at an event held at DoE’s headquarters. In the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The Agreement seeks opportunities for cooperation in capacity building and knowledge and information sharing, supports joint projects and initiatives, and promotes the development of bilateral science, technology, technology, government and commercial cooperation in the energy sector. Is aimed at. Work together in a variety of areas of interest to achieve common goals, diversify energy sources, increase energy efficiency, ensure reliable, sustainable and affordable access to energy. The efforts of these two entities.

The MoU was signed in the presence of DoE’s Deputy Secretary of State, Ahmed Mohammed Al Rumaithi, and Jaime Amin Hernández, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Colombia. With officials from both entities.

“The Ministry of Energy of Abu Dhabi is committed to strengthening cooperation and building partnerships with relevant authorities in countries around the world,” said Al Lumighty. “The partnership is a powerful approach to achieving our goals, developing the energy sector, increasing energy efficiency and meeting local market needs and requirements for reliable and sustainable energy and water supply now and in the future. We believe that we support Abu Dhabi’s plans for sustainable economic development. ”

“We are pleased to work with the Ministry of Mining and Energy of Colombia to start a new chapter in the partnership,” he added. “The energy sector constantly needs more expertise to adopt advanced energy technologies, upgrade the sector’s infrastructure and provide trained professionals who can achieve all strategic goals. We are building on the interests of both parties, and on our combined experience to create a model for cooperation in the energy sector. ”

“Colombia is now betting on energy transformations as a means of achieving and ensuring a reliable, self-sufficient and resilient energy matrix,” said Minister Diego Mesa. We share it with the United Arab Emirates. Recognized and therefore determined as a goal of. Establishing a strategic alliance between the ministry and DoE, rapidly deploying non-conventional renewable energy, developing low carbon technology, addressing the impact of climate change, It will enable us to complement and facilitate the efforts of both countries to reverse. ”

Under the terms of a five-year agreement, the two entities will seek opportunities to fund projects in the energy sector, such as hydrogen production, use and storage, as well as research, knowledge and expertise. I promise to exchange it. Large-scale non-conventional renewable energy. Project development in the areas of hydrogen, geothermal, onshore and offshore wind energy, solar energy, biomass, and other clean energy technologies.

The list also includes promoting sustainable transport from clean energy sources. Technological development related to advanced energy measurement and monitoring systems. Access to energy services, including renewable energy solutions. Promote foreign investment in the energy sector. Energy efficiency and demand response. Technology development related to carbon capture and storage, and finally promotion of energy storage technology.

In addition, the parties agreed to facilitate mutual visits by experts from both organizations to follow up on joint activities. We also embark on collaborative projects and research agendas to facilitate design, funding and execution, energy infrastructure projects using clean energy sources, hydrogen, geothermal, onshore and offshore wind energy, solar, biomass, and more. Clean energy source.

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