Abu Dhabi, June 23, 2022 (WAM)-The Ministry of Economy, in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates’ Secretariat for Money Laundering Prevention and Terrorism Financing Countermeasures, has a two-day scale targeting 42 people in the country. Workshop was held. Corporate registrar including all economic development services and UAE commercial free zone authorities.

The workshop will also be attended by experts from Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), the world’s leading business advisory service provider, to progress in implementing the goals of the UAE’s corporate registrar operations plan derived from the national AML / CFT strategy and past phases. The purpose was to monitor the situation. National action plan.

Abdullah Sultan al van al Shamshi, Deputy Secretary of State for Oversight and Follow-up of the Ministry of Economy and Chairman of the Company Registration Committee, said the UAE was developing and enacting anti-money laundering laws and legislation. Said that he made great progress in. In the past, we have followed leadership instructions and are in line with 50 goals and principles for building the highest level of transparency, a resilient and sustainable economic model.

He said that the country’s efforts in this direction continue in line with international best practices and in collaboration with various global partners, ensuring that the objectives of the National Action Plan are achieved and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). ) Was emphasized to be consistent with the findings.

Next, Secretary-General Hamid Saif al-Isabi said: “This training workshop is a new starting point in reviewing corporate registration mechanisms and auditing beneficiary owner data, and the Ministry of Economy will strengthen the UAE’s ability to assess risk and produce suspicious transaction reporting guidance. ”

In his speech on behalf of Al Shamshi, Safeya Hashim al-Safi, director of the Ministry of Economy’s Money Laundering Prevention Department and Vice-Chairman of the Registration Committee, said that the ministry’s efforts have given national status and status. He said it would also help maintain. Its positive reputation in the economy and various global markets.

The ministry added that it will continue to implement strategic plans to achieve the highest levels of financial and commercial control, confront unhealthy practices in business activities, and thereby strengthen the global competitiveness of the national economy. ..

Al Safi said the workshop is an active step in reviewing the registration mechanism according to the risk assessment approach, the development of suspicious transaction reporting guidance, and the method of meeting the requirements of the country’s AML / CFT strategy. ..

Workshop participants sought ways to identify the level of initiatives and activity offerings included in the UAE registrar’s operational plans. It derives from the country’s AML / CFT strategy and gains a deeper understanding of the role of each registrar in implementing the plan and its links. For evidence and evidence.

The Ministry of Economy launched an operational action plan for the United Arab Emirates Corporate Registration Commission in 2021 in collaboration with partners at all facilities and commerce licensed or registered by the Department of Economic Development and local licensing authorities. We have raised the awareness level of the facilities that are being operated. -Free zones where actual beneficiary data must be submitted to the licensor to avoid sanctions.

As a result, 96% of the data of companies registered in the domestic and commercial free zones have been registered so far.

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