Sophia, June 14, 2022 (WAM)-From January to April 2022, Bulgaria exported a total of 28,781.3 million BGN worth of goods. Monday’s Statistical Institute.

According to the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA), total imports increased by 40.5% from January to April 2021 to 32,678.7 million BGN (CIF price).

In April alone, Bulgaria imported goods worth 7,648.7 million BGN and 8,362.2 million BGN, respectively, up 29.6% and 37.5% from April 2021.

The foreign trade balance (export FOB-import CIF) was negative, at 3,897.4 million BGN from January to April 2022 and 713.5 million BGN in April 2022.

In the first four months of 2022, Bulgaria’s exports to third countries increased by 27.5% year-on-year to reach 9,224.7 million Bulgaria. In April alone, exports increased 16.8% to 2,295.9 million BGN.

From January to April 2022, Bulgaria imported 14,385.0 million levs (at CIF prices) of goods from third countries. This is an increase of 58.3% over a similar period in 2021. In April alone, imports increased by 57.8% year-on-year. 3,915 million refs.

The trade balance with third countries (export FOB-import CIF) was negative, with 5,160.3 million BGN from January to April 2022 and 1,614.6 million BGN in April 2022.

From January to March 2022, Bulgaria’s exports to the EU increased by 36.9% year-on-year to THB 14,203.8 million. In March alone, exports amounted to THB 5,598.9 million, an increase of 49.4% from March 2021.

Imports from EU member states totaled 13,842.0 million BGN (at CIF price), an increase of 31% from January to March 2021. In March alone, it increased by 32.4% to reach 5,292.8 million BGN worth of products.

The trade balance with the EU (export FOB-import CIF) was positive at 361.8 million BGN from January to March 2022.

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