Beijing, June 11, 2022 (WAM)-Two mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine candidates manufactured by Chinese manufacturer CanSino Biologics have proven effective in preclinical studies and have been published in the journal Emerging. New studies suggest the possibility of human trials. Microorganisms and infectious diseases.

The results show that the two vaccines, mRNA-beta and mRNA-omicron, can induce high titer neutralizing antibody levels against the original multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants such as beta, delta, and omicron. The Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.

Two doses of mRNA-Beta can induce broad protection, especially against beta and the original mutant. Meanwhile, mRNA-Omicron has been proposed as an additional immunoinjection into mice vaccinated with primary mRNA-Beta or its recombinant COVID-19 vaccine, Ad5-nCoV, to provide additional protection against Omicron variants.

According to a company statement released this week, the Chinese mRNA vaccine was approved for clinical trials in April and entered Phase 1 human trials.

Compared to traditional vaccine technology, mRNA technology has the advantage of a shorter development and production cycle.

A Chinese vaccine maker said an industrialization base for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine is under construction in Shanghai. This will enable the annual production capacity to reach 100 million times by the end of 2022.

WAM / Amjad Saleh

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