Lanzhou, China, June 15, 2022 (WAM)-According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chinese researchers are making progress in studying the melting reduction of artificial glaciers by assessing the effects of various covering materials. I’ve done it.

In a study conducted from June to August 2021, researchers at the Northwestern Institute for Environmental Resources (NIEER) combined two high-resolution digital elevation models to cover three different areas, according to Xinhua News Agency. The melting of the glacier was evaluated under the material. ..

The results show that up to 32 percent of mass loss is maintained in protected areas compared to unprotected areas. The nanofiber material showed a higher albedo than the two geotextiles used in the experiment.

According to researchers, the study explored new ways to reduce glacier melting and provided scientific references to address the challenges from global warming.

Glaciers are one of the major geographical factors experiencing rapid and significant changes in global warming.

The research results are published online in the journal Remote Sensing.

WAM / Rola Alghoul / Esraa Ismail

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