Dubai, June 19, 2022 (WAM)-Emphasizes the deep ties and strengthening of ties between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with expertise and experience to support regional development, DP World and the Saudi Port Authority. A move to emphasize Dubai’s enthusiasm to share (Mawani) Today, we signed a 30-year contract to build a state-of-the-art port-centric logistics park at Jedda Islamic Port.

The agreement establishes a 415,000-square-meter logistics park with an investment of over A $ 490 million ($ 133.4 million), 250,000 TEU (units worth 20 feet) of inland container depot capacity and warehouse storage space. The purpose is to do. Of 100,000 square meters. Future expansion could increase storage space to 200,000 square meters.

The agreement was signed under the auspices of engineering. Salevin Nacelle Arjasel, Minister of Transport and Logistics Services of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of Mawani.

The signing ceremony was attended by President Mawani’s Omar Bintalal Hariri. Sheikh Nahyang Bin Saif al-Nahyan, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia. Sultan Ahmed bin Sreyem, Group Chairman and CEO of DP World. Mohammad Al-Shaif, CEO of DP World Saudi Arabia. Representative of a delegation of high-ranking Saudi Arabian government officials and the leadership team of DP World.

The dedicated logistics park expands the regional footprint of DP World and brings a pioneering multimodal logistics solution to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The port-centered park will support the re-export activities of Jeddah Islamic Port, reducing the logistics time and cost of importers and exporters. We provide an integrated service platform that connects port operations and last mile activities. It also provides cargo processing, labeling, fulfillment, integrated, non-integrated, and temperature controlled storage.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sreyem, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DP World, said: Taking this opportunity to solidify the Kingdom’s socio-economic ambitions and position as a global logistics hub, we will invest in the modernization of this facility by providing the highest standards of logistics services and technology-enabled trading solutions. I reiterate my commitment. Today’s milestones will help raise levels of efficiency and productivity and create new jobs. ”

“We are committed to enhancing the role and status of the Jeddah Islamic Port, which is strategically located in the Red Sea and has historically played a vital role in facilitating trade movements between East and West. -End supply chain solution provider, an important part of our strategy is to package logistics services for our customers and fill existing market gaps. Facilities like this Logistics Park are with major logistics services. By expanding our collaboration, we will enable deeper invasion into the kingdom. Providers. ”

“The park will provide advanced and environmentally friendly electronic services by integrating the operation of the South Container Terminal with the new Logistics Park,” said Omar Hariri, President of Mawani. It will strengthen our competitiveness and contribute to the increase in the quantity of goods transported in line with the national strategy of transportation and logistics services. ”

“This partnership connects port operations to new logistics parks, providing highly efficient end-to-end logistics services, further expanding collaboration with major logistics service providers and strengthening re-export operations. And it helps reduce costs. It’s one of the best-in-class logistics services for stakeholders and investors, “Hariri added.

DP World signed a new concession agreement with Mawani in April 2020, continuing to operate and manage the South Container Terminal at Jedda Islamic Port for 30 years, and expanding and modernizing the terminal for A $ 2.94 billion (8). We promised to invest more than $ 100 million. The overhaul project will be conducted in four phases and is expected to be completed by 2024.

The project will include infrastructure upgrades such as draft depth and quay expansion, advanced equipment and technology installation, automation and digitization programs, and decarbonization initiatives. When the terminal is completed, the container handling capacity of Jeddah Islamic Port will increase from the current 2.5 million TEU to 4 million TEU, improving the status of Jeddah Islamic Port as a major trading and logistics center on the Red Sea coast.

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