Jamaica, June 16, 2022 (WAM)-The World Free Zone Organization has announced that the United Arab Emirates will host the 9th edition of the Annual International Conference and Exhibition (AICE) in 2023.

This was confirmed at this year’s AICE General Assembly in Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica.

Dr. Mohammed al-Zaroni, Chairman of the World Free Zone Organization, has launched the 8th edition of the conference with the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Jamaica, and the Ministers of the Caribbean Islands. .. This year, AICE was attended by more than 1,000 global speakers, policy makers, scholars, multilateral organizations and global corporate leaders from more than 100 countries.

In his keynote speech at the conference, Dr. Al Zaroni said that the free zone sector will be able to expand and expand its business scope to a wider range of fields, including technology-based industries such as banking, finance, financial technology and food. Technology, e-commerce, etc. that emphasized the breakthroughs.

“Since its inception in 2014, the World Free Zone Organization has played a vital role in promoting, developing and achieving the growth of Free Zones around the world. Free Zones have played a vital role in adapting to digital innovation. Proving resilience, this is driving a major resurgence. Sector growth, especially in the post-pandemic phase. With the flexibility to adapt to changing business environments, blockchain, 3D printing, metaverses and much more. We were able to deploy the latest technologies and advances, including innovative areas. A pioneer in promoting trade and bridging the bridge between different markets, a leading organization that provides customers with cost savings and efficient operations. We can strengthen our position as a company, achieve sustainable development and prepare for a prosperous future, “he added.

Dr. Al Zarooni also emphasized the importance of business-oriented continuity for e-commerce. It plays an important role in inter-company supply and commercial activities. His report predicts that B2B e-commerce site sales will reach approximately $ 1.77 trillion in 2022, an increase of 12% compared to 2021. E-commerce sales are projected to reach $ 5 trillion in 2022 and $ 6 trillion by 2024.

Dr. Al Zarooni emphasized the importance of developing incentives for services and packages provided in collaboration with government and private organizations to enable the e-commerce sector to increase investment flows.

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