NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2022 (WAM) — Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the United Nations global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, has announced that its investments will reach nearly 7 million children and adolescents. made it clear that It’s a girl since it started operating in 2017.

Furthermore, according to ECW’s annual report, half of all the children reached by ECW’s investments to date are girls, and 43% are refugee or internally displaced children, making them vulnerable to global upheaval. It also notes that the Foundation and partners continue to expand despite their response.

Last year, ECW reached 3.7 million students in 32 crisis-affected countries, 48.9% of whom were girls. Through the fund’s COVID-19 intervention program, he also reached 11.8 million students. These schemes bring the total number of children and adolescents supported by COVID-19 interventions to 31.2 million, of whom 52% are girls.

92% of data reported for ECW-supported programs demonstrated improvements in gender equality.

More girls and boys are completing their education and transitioning to the next grade/level, with a weighted completion rate of 79% and a transition rate of 63%.

Nearly 27,000 teachers (52% female) have been trained and demonstrated improved knowledge, competence or performance in 2021.

Over 13,800 learning spaces now feature mental health and/or psychosocial support activities, and the number of teachers trained in mental health and psychosocial support topics is expected to double to 54,000 by 2021. reached.

Looking back on the fund’s progress, Director of Education Yasmin Sheriff said, “ECW’s solid results in its first five years of operation have turned the tide and empowered the world’s most marginalized girls and boys.” It is a proof-of-concept that we can meet the crisis with hope, protection and opportunity for quality education.”

In terms of access to resources, ECW mobilized a record $388.6 million last year. Thus, his total contribution to the ECW Trust Fund exceeds US$1.1 billion.

The report’s findings come in the wake of shocking new estimates released by ECW in June 2022, revealing that 222 million students worldwide urgently need educational assistance. became. This includes 78.2 million out of school and 119.6 million in school but not achieving minimum proficiency in math and reading.

Gordon Brown, United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, said:

The High-Level Fundraising Conference for Education Cannot Wait will take place in Geneva in February 2023. Organized by Switzerland and Education Cannot Wait, co-organized by Germany, Niger, Norway and South Sudan, 222 million people will attend. dream campaign. The conference invites private and public sector individuals and institutions to contribute substantial funding to ECW.

“I urge governments, businesses and philanthropic organizations to invest heavily in ECW to help turn the dreams of the most marginalized children in crisis into reality,” Sheriff said. said.

According to the report, the combined effects of conflict, displacement, climate-induced disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic are increasing the educational emergency. In 2020 he was worth US$1.4 billion, and in 2021 he will reach US$2.9 billion. Education grants in 2021 hit a record high of US$645 million for him, but the overall funding shortfall he soared by 17%. Growing funding shortfalls point to alarming trends in resource scarcity.

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