Cairo, June 15, 2022 (WAM)-EU and Egypt jointly on climate during a visit by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fatta Elsisi today in Cairo. Issued a statement, Energy and Green Transition.

Both sides considered and discussed enhanced cooperation on climate, energy and industrial transformation challenges prior to COP27 in Egypt later this year.

President von der Leyen said: “We are beginning to maximize the potential of EU-Egypt relations by putting clean energy transitions and the fight against climate change at the heart of our partnership. We look forward to working with Egypt as COP27. The Presidency to build a strong momentum in Glasgow since last year. Egypt is also an important partner in our efforts to move from Russian fossil fuels to a more reliable supplier. “

The EU and Egypt will implement the Paris Agreement and participate in efforts to ensure ambitious outcomes at COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh in November. The Joint Statement promises that both parties will cooperate in a global equitable energy shift, improved adaptability, mitigation of climate change losses and damage, and increased climate funding to meet the needs of developing countries. To do.

Cooperation will focus specifically on renewable energy sources, hydrogen, and energy efficiency. The EU and Egypt will invest in renewable energy generation, strengthen and expand power grids, including trans-Mediterranean interconnects, and build renewable energy and low-carbon hydrogen production, storage, transportation and distribution infrastructure in the Mediterranean. Develop a hydrogen partnership. ..

Gas supply safety is a major concern in general. Egypt and the EU cooperate in the stable supply of gas to the EU and the sustainable development of natural gas resources within the framework of strong long-term decarbonization goals and measures to control and reduce escaped methane emissions. increase. In that sense, Egypt and the EU welcome the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Egypt, Israel and the European Union on behalf of the European Commission, signed on June 15, 2022.

Egypt and the EU, in the spirit of common ambitions, principles and partnerships, will strengthen bilateral cooperation on the transition to green, both sides benefiting from investment in a low-emission, climate-neutral, climate-resistant future. Make it enjoyable. EU-Egypt partnership priorities.

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