Geneva, June 22, 2022 (WAM)-Community Development Minister Hessa Binto Essa Buffmaid confirms that the UAE has made significant progress in recent years at the legislative, institutional and strategic levels.

The minister said in a press conference that the UAE government has adopted a number of policies to strengthen the domestic human rights structure in order to maintain women’s performance. With the support of the federal and local governments, to further empower women, the UAE government continues to work to strengthen women’s representation and prevent all forms of discrimination against women.

Buhumaid is a member of the UAE delegation participating in the review session of the 4th Annual Report on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) held at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva on June 21-22. I chaired it.

The delegation included representatives from the Ministry of Community Development. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Health; Federal National Council; UAE Gender Balance Council; General Women’s Union; Highest Council for Motherhood and Childhood; Identity, Federal authorities for civil rights, customs and port security. Abu Dhabi Conservation and Humanitarian Care Center.

“The progress of UAE in women’s empowerment is a variety of normative, legal and political changes to achieve gender balance and enhance the leadership role in ensuring full and equal participation in decision making. As a result, women play an important role in sustainable development, so gender needs to be taken into account when strengthening national mechanisms for gender equality. “

“From a legislative and institutional environment to support women’s empowerment, 2019-2021 was noteworthy for women in the United Arab Emirates, which brought women to 50 in the United Arab Emirates. 11 new legislation and legislative amendments have been issued to promote women’s rights and empower women in all areas, including-year strategy.

“One of the most prominent of these laws is Federal Law No. 12 of 2021 on the establishment of a national human rights institution, an independent organization with legal authority that operates in accordance with the principles of Paris.” She continued.

The Minister of Community Development also noted the adoption of legislation on protection from domestic violence and family protection policies aimed at protecting family rights and welfare.

She also mentioned the 1980 law regulating labor relations and its amendments in 2020. It regulates equal pay for women and men in the private sector. The law also provides paid parental leave to workers, making the UAE the first Arab country to provide parental leave to workers in the private sector.

With Buhumaid reaching 80,025 women-owned licensed companies and over 32,000 businesswomen managing projects over US $ 10 billion, these laws will empower women in UAE, especially in the economic sector. He claimed to have made a significant contribution. She also pointed out the success of Emiratis women in the space sector. There, women made up 34% of the Emiratis Mars Mission Hope probe team and 80% of the probe science team.

During the meeting, members of the Commission had fruitful discussions with the UAE and celebrated the country’s achievements in empowering women in the areas of politics, economy and culture. In particular, members praised the establishment of the Gender Balance Council to ensure that federal agencies follow best practices for strengthening women’s empowerment.

Members of the Commission also emphasized that other countries are looking at the UAE as a regional model, especially in promoting tolerance, coexistence, and the value of bringing well-being to its citizens. They also congratulated the UAE on being elected to the United Nations Security Council and playing an important role in achieving world peace, security and stability.

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