Abu Dhabi, June 14, 2022 (WAM)-Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed al-Jaber, Minister of Industrial Advanced Technology (MoIAT) and Chairman of the Industrial Development Council, at the second meeting of the Industrial Development Council I chaired it. Create a fascinating and attractive business environment for domestic and international investors in the industrial sector.

The Industrial Development Council is a platform for cooperation, coordination and integration between federal and local level relevant authorities in the industrial sector of the United Arab Emirates and with the private sector.

During the meeting, the Board reviewed the recommendations made at the first meeting, reflected the progress of their implementation, and discussed the latest information on the development of an integrated platform for industrial data. Emirates provide incentives to stimulate the industrial sector, support the growth of domestic industries, and strengthen their competitiveness, as well as many issues to streamline the business environment and reduce industrial investor fees. Was introduced.

Dr. AlJaber, an empowerment and integration tool, said: Partnerships between the public and private sectors to support, integration, and national projects. This is in line with our goal of creating an attractive business environment for domestic and international investors in the industrial sector and positioning the UAE as a global destination for developing future industries. ..

“In line with the government roadmap, we are working to strengthen integration and partnerships between the federal and local sectors, as well as the private sector. The Industrial Development Council team sets clear strategic goals at the national level. This will be confirmed in the next phase, as part of the government’s goal of strengthening efforts, swift opportunities and investment projects in the industrial sector to boost the national economy for several weeks. ”

“The Industrial Development Council is responsible for making the UAE more competitive, implementing initiatives, achieving sustainable growth and promoting national value-added policies, laws, laws and strategies. We are working on proposals and drafting. These efforts are aimed at attracting foreigners. We will invest directly, promote quality infrastructure, and region, region, and for products manufactured in the UAE. Increase consumer confidence across the international market. ”

Strengthening Export Capacity Dr. Tani bin Ahmed al-Zeyoudi, Minister of Foreign Trade and Vice Chairman of the Industrial Development Council, said: The economy is an important driving force for growth, increasing the production capacity and competitiveness of UAE-manufactured products in the domestic market as a whole, increasing the export capacity in overseas markets, and stimulating the establishment and development of SMEs. We also aim to establish a practical work system. ”

“At the meeting, Dr. Al Zeyoudi discussed team progress (data, policy, law, and industrial enablers) and the level of team performance since the first meeting, as well as progress in reducing implementation costs. Discussed: Industrial sector business, industrial data platform development, and quality data provided by this project to support decision making. Also, carry out an industrial sector integrated census project for all emirates. We also discussed recommendations for doing so, and its free zone provides important data on industrial facilities in the country, and factories across the Emirate with the aim of reducing the burden on the industrial sector. Investigate the cost of transporting trucks. ”

The council also considered policies to evaluate waste and limit its exports. In particular, factories can reuse waste, such as iron and aluminum waste, through recycling, saving materials, reducing costs and improving sustainability.

The Industrial Development Council, which makes it at the Emirates Forum, also prepares for makeup at the Emirates Forum on June 21st and 22nd, hosted by the Ministry of Industry Advanced Technology represented by Abu Dhabi National Oil and its strategic partners. Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development with the company (ADNOC) that discussed about. The forum, held at the ADNOC Business Center in Abu Dhabi, will introduce many opportunities and investment projects and witness multiple agreements and MoU announcements between investors and major Emiratis and international industrial enterprises.

The meeting was attended by MoIAT’s Deputy Secretary of State Omar al-Swidy, Sharif al-Orama, Deputy Secretary of Energy and Petroleum Affairs of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Maj. Gen. Suhail Sayed al-Kairi, and Deputy Director General of the Commonwealth. Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security, Hanan Mansour Ari, Deputy Director of the Federal Center for Competitiveness Statistics, Hamid Mohammed bin Salem, Secretary-General of the UAE Chamber of Commerce, and Major General. Mubarak bin Gafan al-Jaburi, Assistant Secretary of Defense and Defense Industry.

The meeting was also attended by Noura Al Marzouqi, Deputy Secretary of State for Policy and Strategy, Department of State, and Rashed Abdulkarim Al Balooshi, Deputy Secretary of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi, Osama Amir Fadell. , Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Industrial Accelerator Sector of MoIAT and Reporter of the Council, Dr. Abdullah Man al Shave al Nakubi, Director of Economic Development Las al Kaima, Sheikh Abdullah al Shamsi, Deputy Director-Um. Al Quayin’s Director of Economic Development, Mohammed al-Kamari, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Dubai’s Industrial Export Development Bureau, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Hamdan al-Nuami, Director of Export Investment Development of Economic Development Bureau Fujairah’s Industry Ajman, Nasser Al Mulla, representative of the Ministry of Economy, and Ahmed Al Naqbi Development Bank, CEO of Emirates.

The Industrial Development Council is an initiative and mechanism for adopting unified performance indicators in the UAE’s industrial sector, following up on their implementation, submitting regular reports on outcomes to the Cabinet, and strengthening public-private partnership and exchange experience. Focuses on the suggestions.

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