Abu Dhabi, June 18, 2022 (WAM)-As an issuer, the Treasury (MoF) has announced that a second auction of federal government bonds (T-Bonds) will be held on Monday, June 20. Announced. The size of the auction is 1.5 billion AED and it is spread over two tranches. A two-year tranche is A $ 750 million and a three-year tranche is A $ 750 million.

The auction will reopen bonds to increase the volume of individual bonds issued with the aim of increasing secondary market liquidity.

The first auction of the AED-denominated T-Bonds program saw a wide range of turnout from domestic and foreign investors, with a total of 1.5 billion AED split into two tranches (2 and 3 years) with a uniform coupon. The rate was fixed at 3.01%. 3.24% each.

The United Arab Emirates will continue to implement plans to issue municipal bonds in 2022 through subsequent regular auctions. Traditional T-bonds are called UAE dirhams to develop the municipal debt market, with the ultimate goal of tranche developing a two- and three-year, in principle five-year intermediate yield curve. is. Meanwhile, the 10-year tranche will be published later.

WAM / Amjad Saleh

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