Abu Dhabi, June 17, 2022 (WAM)-UAE industry leaders participate in the second edition of Industry 4.0 and AI for Industrial Leaders, a professional training program offered as part of a collaboration between the Ministry of Industry and advanced technology. did. (MoIAT) and Mohamed bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University (MBZUAI).

The four-day program is designed to develop knowledge and skills in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in industry, with the aim of strengthening the country’s industrial capacity through the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology. is.

In its second year, the program provides decision makers with the technical knowledge they need to harness the power of AI in the industry by determining the optimal 4IR recruitment strategy. The skills gained allow leaders to accelerate industrial transformation within the organization.

Mohammed AlQasim, Director of Science and Technology Recruitment and Development at MoIAT, said:

“Part of our mission is to help domestic industrial enterprises unlock the full potential of 4IR solutions by integrating public, private and academic sectors. By arming industrial leaders with Is only part of a broader strategy for. ”

Sultan Al Hajji, vice president of public relations and alumni association for MBZUAI, said: Leaders understand the importance of AI systems in improving the quality of industrial inputs and increasing their regional and international competitiveness.

“AI today has a huge impact on every industry, from product development to manufacturing, service delivery and policy making. AI is to enable national priorities and visions in line with UAE’s AI strategy. Has become an integral tool and world leader in AI. MBZUAI is honored to play an important role in this and to help the industrial sector innovate and adopt AI technology. We are already on track. We look forward to joining the next edition and strengthening our partnership. We have worked with MoIAT through the development of such an important program. ”

The purpose of the training is in line with UAE Industry 4.0, which aims to raise the level of domestic industrial productivity by 30% and add 25 billion dirhams to the national economy over the next decade. This initiative aims to accelerate the integration of 4IR solutions and applications across UAE’s industrial sector, increase industrial competitiveness, increase productivity and efficiency, improve quality and create new jobs.

This program raises awareness of and understands the core elements, key concepts, trends and values ​​of Industry 4.0. Participants will understand Industry 4.0 and the role of AI in the industry and will acquire the knowledge and methods needed to integrate Industry 4.0 into their enterprise. Participants were asked to assemble four industrial challenges and use Industry 4.0 and AI technology resolutions to create innovative solutions.

Participants in the training program included leaders from a variety of industries and leaders seeking to implement AI in product development, service delivery, and decision making. Leaders come from areas most likely to be affected by AI, such as manufacturing and industry executives and leaders, manufacturing business owners, and industry digital transformation leaders.

AI for Industry 4.0 and Industry Leaders was launched in 2021 as part of the Industry 4.0 Roadmap. This initiative is in line with the UAE Leadership Vision outlined in the 50 Principles.

This year’s program received feedback from a variety of experts, trainers and speakers, including: Saqr Binghalib, Director of the UAE Artificial Intelligence Office. Tariq Al Hashmi, Head of Recruitment for MoIAT Technology. Professor Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Deputy Director of MBZUAI, Professor of Computer Vision. Mohammad Yakubu, Associate Professor of MBZUAI Computer Vision. MBZUAI Professional Services Director, Dr. Ahmed Dabbagh. Dr. Abdel Kader Es Slami, Head of AI and Smart Data, e &; Fahmi Al Shawwa, Founder and CEO, Immensa Additive Manufacturing, Madhu Hosadurga, Global VP of Artificial Intelligence, Schneider Electric; Nouman Qaiser, Unilever Supply Chain Digital Transformer Formation manager. Yasser Ahmed, Director of Business Development, IoT and Digital for Schneider Electric MENA.

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