SHARJAH, SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 (WAM) — The presence of Her Highness Sheikh Jawaher bint Mohammed Al-Qasimi, wife of the ruler of Sharjah and president of the Women’s Sports of Sharjah (SWS), is the latest addition to the women’s sports club of Sharjah. An athlete couldn’t have been more motivated. , visit the club headquarters at the start of the new season.

Her Highness’ kind visits and engagement with the athletes were the encouragement they needed to dedicate themselves more to their training and perform at their best as the new season unfolded.

Expressing pride in their athletic achievements, which have resulted in numerous records and eye-catching medals at the local and regional level, His Highness spoke to each of the athletes, telling them that over the past two seasons the club has won 370 medals. commended the commitment of

As ever, HH remains focused on what it means to be an athlete.

“It goes without saying that dedication to training and attention to your coach will improve your performance and make your dreams come true. Dedication and hard work are worth winning.”

Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi shares her love of sport and her televised post-match moments with athletes, seeing their accomplishments as a successful model for women’s sport development journey in the UAE. I pointed out that

Recognizing the people working behind the scenes, HH said:

Sheikh Jawaher also called on UAE institutions to support female athletes through encouragement and sponsorship, adding: Government agencies, private companies and educational institutions have clearly demonstrated that they give players time off to train and participate in international tournaments. ”

In addition to playing an innovative role in promoting women’s sport at the local and regional level, the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club adopts a scientific approach to recruiting and training athletes to ensure that each athlete ultimately competes in the Olympic Games. I am making plans to attend. Dreams and hopes of the UAE.

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