BALI, Sept. 3, 2022 (WAM) — Sharif Salim Al-Ollama, Under Secretary for Energy and Petroleum Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, has announced a plan to meet the challenges facing the global energy sector. affirmed the UAE’s commitment to constructive cooperation with the international community. He aims to advance efforts to achieve international stability.

“The United Arab Emirates is also eager to continue its efforts to develop the energy sector, particularly clean energy, and invest in the future through a realistic vision to drive global prosperity,” Al Orma said in Bali. Speaking under Indonesia’s first president at the G20 energy transition ministerial meeting held Friday’s G20 presidency, Indonesia’s G20 presidency theme is ‘Recovering together, recovering stronger’.

“The United Arab Emirates hopes to maintain constructive cooperation and engagement with international partners to achieve an appropriate energy mix in line with environmental protection goals and reducing carbon emissions. The United Arab Emirates is ready to share its experience in the clean energy sector, work with regional and international partners to establish its position in the industry, and set itself up for the next 50 years. “It’s a big attraction for foreign investment.”

He added that the UAE is at the forefront in efforts to diversify energy and adopt sustainability-driven technologies to achieve climate neutrality as a key priority for the UAE government.

The United Arab Emirates has launched many initiatives and projects to support this trend, he noted.

At the G20 Energy Transition Ministerial Meeting, G20 Energy Ministers and major international energy agencies discussed key issues such as the G20 Energy Transition Action Plan, the G20 Presidency Roadmap, ensuring energy access, expanding energy technology, and advancing energy financing. discussed. And pave the way to net zero emissions (NZE) or carbon neutrality.

Al Olma will meet separately with Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy Policy Rob Jetten and US Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk to discuss prospects for joint cooperation on sustainable development and preparations for the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) will be held in the UAE in 2023.

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