Abu Dhabi, July 19, 2022 (WAM)-President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan’s visit to France has attracted international media attention and highlighted deep-seated bilateral relations between the two countries. did.

International media confirmed the importance of the agreements and memorandums signed during the visit. This will help strengthen the strategic partnership between the UAE and France.

The French newspaper Le Monde said that during the time of French President Emmanuel Macron, relations between the two countries had reached unprecedented development. The United Arab Emirates said it is the cornerstone of French policy in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

In that report, the newspaper also praised the stability of the UAE and the fast-growing economy. It highlighted the historical connection between the two countries and the praise of former French President Jacques Chirac for the personality and regional and international influence of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan.

The Washington Post emphasized the signing of a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement in the energy sector between the United Arab Emirates and France. Bruno Le Mer, French Minister of Finance and Economy, added that the agreement was strategically important in addressing energy security challenges.

American newspapers also confirmed the importance of President Sheikh Mohammed’s visit to France. This included discussions on several Arab and regional issues, as well as a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement signed by the two countries.

The Telegraph said the UAE and France share a deep-seated relationship underpinned by their leadership.

Monte Carlo Radio quoted UAE Ambassador to France Hend Al Otaiba’s statement that the United Arab Emirates’ friendship with France was based on decades of close partnerships between the two countries. He pointed out the remarkable growth of bilateral relations.

CNN said the comprehensive strategic partnership agreement between the two countries on energy is based on the close and deep-seated bilateral relations between the two countries. Bloomberg noted that the UAE has become one of the most diverse economies in the Middle East and one of the first countries to work on reducing emissions by 2050.

FOX 40 also emphasized the remarkable bilateral relations between the two countries.

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